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When we look at India we see a rapidly emerging global power, a nation of internationally respected leaders, and a country that is slated to be the future hub of innovation. At IndoUS Venture Partners (IUVP), we are excited about playing an active role in this new India.

Successful startups need innovative leaders who can guide them through business challenges. Having been entrepreneurs ourselves we have faced many leadership challenges and understand what it takes to build an enterprise.

A successful entrepreneur understands the values of patience, perseverance and dedication that are so important to building an enduring company. A smart entrepreneur knows that an investor has to mirror the very same values. At IUVP, our investment commitment is for the long term. We provide the insight, experience, and networks that are necessary to guide businesses through market fluctuations and business challenges.

The ideas that transform our lives are often the ideas that seem impossible, untried and unproven. These exciting ideas are often the ones that create new markets and overtake existing leaders. However, not all ideas meet with success; many fail to deceive. At IUVP, we pride ourselves on our ability to discover truly promising ideas that create sustainable market value. We believe that we are the best partners to help convert an entrepreneur's idea into reality.

At IUVP, we are passionate about building enduring companies and mentoring business leaders of the future.

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India will become the world's fifth biggest consumer market by 2025, buoyed by a tripling of incomes that will take its middle class from a population of 50 million today to 583 million by 2025.
- McKinsey