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A Business and its Beliefs
Thomas J. Watson


Art of Profitability
Adrian Slywotzky


Art of War
Sun Tzu

Art of the Long View
Arie de Guis


Built to Last
Jim Collins and Jerry I. Porras


Beyond Entrepreneurship
James Collins

Catalyst Code
Evans & Schmalensee


Crossing the Chasm
Geoffrey A. Moore


Competitive Strategy
Michael E. Porter

Economics of Strategy
Besanko et al


Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner


Good to Great
Jim Collins

Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Peter F. Drucker


In Spite of the Gods; The Strange Rise of Modern India
Edward Luce


Inside the Tornado
Geoffrey A. Moore

Intelligent Enterprise
James Brian Quinn


Made in Japan
Akio Morita and Sony Corporation


Only the Paranoid Survive
Andy Grove

Select Essays on India Economy


Ten Rules for Strategic Innovators
Vijay Govindrajan & Trimble


The Google Story
David Vise and Mark Malseed

The Road Ahead
Bill Gates, Nathan Myhrvold and Peter Rinearson


The Innovator's Dilemma
Clayton M. Christensen


The New Argonauts; Regional Advantage in a Global Economy
AnnaLee Saxenian

The World is Flat
Thomas L. Friedman


The Wisdom of Crowds
James Surowiecki


Tipping Point
Malcolm Gladwell

Wealth at the bottom of the pyramid
CK Prahlad


Jack Welch and Suzy Welch