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  Q2 2007, Volume 2, Issue:12
  Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Domestic IT spending in 2006, according to IDC is $14 billion, a year-on-year growth of 22.4%.

Mobile Phones:
5 to 6 million subscribers are being added each month, to the huge base of mobile users in India, which is expected to cross 220 million by 2007. India is expected to add 85 million new mobile subscribers in 2007.

The number of broadband subscribers is expected to cross 5 million by end 2007.


  • 890 million Indians below 45 years
  • 300 million middle class.
  • Over 70 million earn $18,000 year (to go up to 140 mi by2011)
  • Private consumption in 2006 $ 445 billion
  • 71 million homes with cable TV connection
  • 90 million TV households
  • 203 million telephone connections
  • Wireless phone users 163 million
  • Internet users 17.36 million
  • Retail market $ 270 billion (to touch $400 billion by 2010)
  • 65 million credit/debit cards

The Market Beckons Entreprenuers

To paraphrase Charles Dickens "It is the best of the times" for Indian entrepreneurs. With market trends clearly indicating that consumers are primed to spend, the opportunity for entrepreneurs is immense. This is an appropriate time to lay the foundation for great companies, be it those offering services or products; across sectors like IT, Mobile, Digital media, Retail, Telecom, Manufacturing, BPO/KPO, etc The next of the great startups which can become great businesses in India could be Credit verification (like TRW), eCommerce services (like Amazon), Home security services for the growing urban middle class (like ADT), Social networking (like Myspace), Enterprise services (like ADP, sales force), are only a small list of opportunities waiting to happen in India.

We at IndoUS Venture Partners welcome this great opportunity to invest in your idea and mentor you to success. We will be glad to hear from you.

- Vani Kola

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